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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Windows have traditionally been overlooked in the green discussion, when in fact, energy-efficient windows are low hanging fruit that can make a real impact today. Increasing customer demand for energy efficient replacement windows and reduce carbon emissions is driving the need for a new generation of windows that are proven, available, and insulate like walls. That's what Heat Mirror technology enables - walls that you can see through.

 - Dennis Capovilla | President and CEO of Southwall

Heat Mirror® Film Technology for Vinyl Windows. These Extremely Efficient Replacement Windows are Offered Exclusively in the US by Premier High-Performance Products

Heat Mirror® is a system that can make regular energy efficient replacement windows, extremely energy efficient replacement windows that dramatically improve thermal insulation and indoor comfort compared to standard insulating glass (IG) units. The technology suspends up to three films in the airspace of a single insulating glass unit to create multiple airtight chambers that deliver best-in-class insulation performance for windows. Standard insulating glass with low-e coatings delivers a thermal insulating performance of R-3 while Heat Mirror® insulating glass can achieve an R-values up to 10!

About Heat Mirror®

Heat Mirror features insulating glass with a superior multi-cavity solution that suspends solar-reflective film inside of an insulating glass to create two, insulating cavities without adding weight. At this point, these cavities will then be filled with Krypton gas to increase the overall insulation. This makes our windows the best replacement windows on the market. Heat Mirror suspended film technology combines the best of film-based and glass-based technologies. Heat Mirror creates the industry’s first “super glass” with center-of-glass insulating performance ranging from R-7 to R-10 while minimizing solar heat gain and blocking UV radiation. Therefore, Premier is able to offer higher performance glass options for both existing window systems as well as next-generation window systems in development.

Key Heat Mirror® attributes

  • Center-of-glass insulation performance ranging from R-7 to R-10
  • Superior winter heating and summer cooling due to its multi-cavity design
  • Blocks 99.5% of harmful UV rays
  • Reduces winter condensation buildup
  • 33% lighter than triple-pane glass
  • One of the “100 Best Inventions of the Millennium” according to Popular Science
  • Certified by Passive House Institute US

Replacement windowsThe Premier Difference:

  • Outstanding American-made vinyl replacement windows from a 65-year-old company
  • ISO 9001 manufactured with a Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty
  • More than 21 years in Nebraska installation excellence.
  • Experienced installation professionals, each selected for quality and attention to detail
  • Quality people who take the time to listen to you and recommend the best options for your needs and budget

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